Dario Impini: Boudoir Seattle Photographer

Dario ImpiniAs a Seattle boudoir photographer, I have worked with women from all over the country to bring their imagination to life. Coming from the Midwest, I have been inspired by Washington’s mountains, waterways, and islands and am thrilled by the opportunities it brings for breathtaking images.

A lot of women feel they can look like any given Hollywood celebrity if they had the benefit of their beauty team. INFINI is that team.

- Dario Impini

All women are beautiful, we have no doubt of that.  The question is, how is your individual, unique charm best teased out? Everyone is different, and differently beautiful in their own way. Your boudoir photo shoot experience is not just about putting you in front of our lights and leaving you to the wolves.

During your session:

• Each light is carefully placed in the optimal position to highlight your best features.
• Every pose is coached to maximize your feminine appeal.
• Every smile is real and natural because our sessions are light and fun.
• Every image is crafted from the inspiration you felt when you realized INFINI was the right artist for you.

Photography sessions are conducted with respectful, non-judgmental, and experienced professionals who are passionate about getting really amazing shots. We work together to encourage you and bring out your most sensual side. The experience is powerful. Many clients express through tears how beautiful and special they felt. While the boudoir industry is saturated with pretty images, INFINI sets itself apart with the artistic vision to capture a moment in time. Your photos should be a testament to who you are as a person, and as a woman. This is INFINI. And for you, nothing less will do.

Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

I relish the serenity of an elegant image. There is a pleasing tranquility to an image that captures the right moment — the right look of penetrating eyes, a hint of a smile, the playfulness of the hair, the sensual pose, and seductive lighting. I enjoy the collaboration with make-up artist, the pilot of the wind fans, the flutterer of fabrics, and of course, my beautiful subject…throw your hair, fluff that satin, lower that fan! Like a master painter who uses brushes, oils, canvas, and tools of his trade, I get the great satisfaction of bringing out the masterpiece that is in you. When the moment is perfect, SNAP! Art created in that fleeting instant. To be enjoyed by you and your most significant other.

Why I’m Passionate About What I Shoot

Over the years, while I’ve focused on capturing beautiful images, I have been honored to discover that I can bring joy and excitement to my clients. Many are brought to tears as they review their photos. They feel beautiful, valued, desired, and fulfilled. There’s a deep psychological resonance that I don’t understand, but I appreciate very much.

It means something to me that what I do matters to people. That those fleeting moments captured in digital photography are admired and treasured by my clients, by their lovers, and long after I’m gone, by generations to come. There’s meaning to creating a legacy of work. People will forget my name and who I was, but someone someday will point to my photographs and go wow, isn’t she beautiful. That is my fulfillment – That is Infini Boudoir Seattle.