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Years ago when we shot our solar eclipse in the New Mexico wilderness we wanted to bring that experience into the studio.  The studio however was in the process of transitioning from the midwest to the west coast so that idea got put on the back burner.

The recent solar eclipse across North America however re-ignited the drive to recreate this phenomenon in the studio.  As with most of our props and gear, this was a custom development involving a bit of trial and error.  But at least we had a good starting point — the turbine fan from an earlier project.  We wanted to be able to upgrade the fan to support a solar eclipse look without destroying the turbine aspect since so many of our clients have an affinity for aeronautics.

Image representing woman in front of jet engine

Here you’ll see the evolution of our eclipse as we tweak on its features to get it to look like the real thing…

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The multiple attempts included fabric blowing, smoke, and projections, finally culminating in a rope of light tightly bound to the outer ring, and a flash lamp for the “sparkle”.  Covering the turbine fan “blades” required hand stitching two giant pieces of felt on hands and knees.  Dedication!  The giant circle of darkness is then held in place with magnets for easy set up and tear down as needed.  Compare our final version to the real thing.  Pretty convincing.

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If you didn’t see the August 2017 eclipse or didn’t quite get the shot that captured you at your diva best, you can still be the Eclipse Queen at INFINI!  Book YOUR session today!

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As a fringe benefit, the unique lighting can be used for unusual Alien/UFO style effects.  Explore your outer weird!

Image representing solar eclipse custom hardware used for UFO style effects

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Image representing woman standing in water

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You may have noticed reviewing our gallery of shots that our images are fairly different from many boudoir photographers.  There’s an interesting lighting style or environment or feel to the images.  To be sure, when hiring a photographer for your boudoir session you are hiring an individual artist with their own vision and style.  In this case, our custom built hardware is part of our style recipe.

Part of how we get our particular style is from Dario’s prior electronics engineering career.  Admittedly it’s a pretty long leap from engineering to photography but there are crossover aspects.  Engineering often requires an element of creativity when designing new products and concepts.  And photography gear has come a long way since the film days, requiring the wrangling of fairly complex electronic systems.  And Dario has never fully left behind his engineering ways, applying those design elements into custom lighting gear and set design.

INFINI Custom Hardware

The saga of the turbine

Image representing woman working on turbine hardware

The light table

image representing woman on custom light hardware

The projector re-animations

Image representing woman lit with projection hardware

The reflecting pool

image representing woman sitting in constructed reflection pool hardware

Our own solar eclipse

image representing woman with solar eclipse

Come shoot with our unique gear today!

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One of our happy clients recently asked if she could have three of the 8×10 prints in her package arranged as a triptych. We thought that was a brilliant idea and wanted to share it with you!

But what is a triptych you ask? It’s a chic way to break up a single shot into three prints – trip for triple.  And why would you want to do that?  Firstly it’s chic and “in” to take a really hot shot and break it up into a “flow” of separate shots.  The breaks between the shots create an “imaginary frame” adding mystery and intrigue. You could be coy and take an R or X rated shot and make it PG rated for a more public display (like your living room instead of your bedroom) simply by cutting the shot in the right places with the imaginary frame.

It makes the shot that much more powerful. Instead of a single 8×10 of your most powerful shot, you can arrange three 8×10 prints as an 10×24, or even a super panoramic 8×30! That’s potentially 2 ½ feet of shot across your wall. Impressive! Some shots simply demand that kind of presentation.

image representing comparison of triptych size vs 8x10

Just compare the wall command of a single 8×10 above vs. three side by side presenting a different portion of the same shot.  And best of all it doesn’t require any additional purchase from us. Simply request your shot as a triptych and we’ll allot three of your prints for that.  Order a set of thin black frames so that the frame space doesn’t interfere with the spacing or overall presentation of your display. Or upgrade to our new high def metal prints which have a built in hanger and superior glossy finish for the perfect seamless triptych effect!

You can even double down on the impact of the shot by putting a big frame around the whole presentation commanding unique attention to the beauty you’ve created.  Unbeatable!

Schedule your session and dominate your wall with a magnificent triptych today!

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Having grown up in the era of vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and cassettes and suffered their clicks, pops, hiss, wow, flutter, and rumble, the arrival of the digital compact disc in 1982 heralded a new age of perfect audio.  Finally!  A medium that lasted indefinitely without loss of quality, perfect from the first play on, AND played by a LASER rather than a needle digging into plastic.  How cool was that??

image representing CD laser

The further innovation to be able to store data on non-magnetic recordable CDs in 1990 helped create personal storage libraries for data that could be offloaded at a time when hard drives were small and pricey ($900 for a 1GB drive in 1995.  Crazy!)

We’ve been using them as part of our packages from the beginning in 2005 but increasingly clients are telling us they have no slot to slide a CD into.  To the point, the mini-laptop I’m writing this post on has no CD slot.  At INFINI Boudoir we’ve been pretty partial to the USB drive, what with its super compact size and enormous storage capability, but we’ve been providing CDs as the standard of digital delivery.

Is the CD obsolete at this point?  Have we relegated the rainbow disc to the art craft pile?

image representing artworks made with CDROMs

And if we change to a USB delivery format, what form factor?  There are so many to choose from.  We’d like to know what our clientele thinks.  Three random respondents to our >survey< will receive a 16×24 canvas upgrade with their future package purchase.  Help us create the most desirable product mix!

Image representing USB as mini camera

Take the >survey here<

Three random respondents receive a free 16×24 canvas upgrade to their future package purchase!

Sign up for your session and for a limited time until we figure out what our clients want, choose the CD or USB for your digital media delivery.

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INFINI, the undisputed master of artistic outdoor boudoir presents Summer Shoot Packages!


This could be YOU! 

Glamour Girl

Equestrian Love




WOW Dress

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— First in our summer line up —

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Makeup & Hairstyle (Beach hair anyone??)

Five 5×7 prints, one 8×10 print, all fully retouched

CD of your images in full resolution

2 1/2 hour session

25% Discount off additional products (prints, wall portraits, albums, and more!)

Everett Location

Only $749

(Reg. $1000)

Limited Time Offer
~Place deposit by July 1, 2017 to receive discount, session scheduled separately~

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Bonneville Salt Flats 25% OFF!

Image representing woman on water

October 16-19, 2017 (2 Days + 3 Nights at Wendover, Nevada)

Air travel to Nevada INCLUDED

Private Accommodations at fabulous Montego Bay Resort Hotel INCLUDED

Full Day INFINI Photo Session INCLUDED

20 x 30 Canvas of your best shot INCLUDED

CD of all your photos in full resolution INCLUDED

25% Discount off additional products (prints, wall portraits, albums, and more!)


Only $1499!

(Reg. $2000)


Image representing booking button

Other Outdoor Locations Available!

Check our list of options >HERE<, inquire for pricing, scheduling, and custom requests!

Have a sexy car?  Motorcycle?  Airplane?  Horse?  Boat?  Spaceship?

We can come to YOU!

Call or email today to discuss your vision!

Summer shooting season is here and it won’t last forever!

Image representing photo session at Bonneville Salt Flats

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Following the successful Detroit Dirty Show in March culminating in the private sale of the INFINI art piece, we are proudly participating in Miami’s ARTundressed Show with two more beautiful artworks showcasing the beauty of the female form.


Our work in the genre has evolved over the years, most dramatically since arriving in the Seattle region in 2013.  The Pacific Northwest landscape has been a definitive inspiration that keeps on giving and we look forward to extending our reach in mining opportunities for dramatic beauty.

One of the pieces hanging in Miami was shot in the southwest.  The beauty of that region rivals the drama of the Pacific Northwest, except in a dry form.  Click the pic to read the interesting back story to shooting the “Oyster Egg.”

Image representing woman at Bisti

ARTundressed celebrates the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art; both in visual and performance arts. Since its inception, this event has toured many different countries and numerous cities from all over the world, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin (Germany), as well as Montreal and Toronto (Canada). The collection of exhibited artworks is always top-notch showcasing some of today most talented, creative, renowned artists and photographers. To differentiate our event, we go through a very extensive and selective process to feature top local, national and international artists, exhibiting some of the best nude art with the highest level of creativity.

Image representing woman standing in water

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No, not Beastie, BISTI!

Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, Bisti Badlands National Park is an expanse of unusual landscape created by natural erosion resulting in a dramatic, other-worldly appearance vaguely resembling some of the scenes from the original Star Trek.

Image representing Star Trek landscape

The entire southwest region in fact is a hot bed of dramatic landscape — a foreboding hard, dry, dusty environment that makes a compelling counterpoint to the softness of the female form.  We’ve engaged the southwest before.  Back in 2012 we photographed an exceedingly rare solar eclipse near the horizon in Albuquerque resulting in one of our signature shots.  Looks a little like a black hole now that I think of it…

Image representing woman with solar eclipse

Having seen photos of amazing Bisti formations, we resolved to make time for a visit to give us a chance to explore and see if we might not come back with interesting photos of our own.  As usual, we did extensive geo-scouting beforehand to lock down the areas with the best potential for great shots.  Google maps is an indispensable tool for geo-scouting, and now with their latest version it’s better than ever.

One of the most interesting features there is the famous “cracked eggs” field.  A bizarre and fascinating erosion pattern resulting in what looks like enormous prehistoric eggs in various stages of hatching.  Perhaps they are hatching the hoodoo people also widely present in the area.

image representing bisti egg

The cracked eggs were 2 miles of desert walking from the undistinguished parking lot.  This is one of those times when hiking an uncomfortable distance loaded down with camera, lighting, and fabric seems like a good idea because of the potential for outstanding shots.

Image representing car in Bisti parking lot

And one might ask why is lighting necessary in full day sun?  Well, haven’t you heard photography is ALL ABOUT lighting?  In fact, as covered in this post, shooting outdoors is a careful balance of many factors, one of them being picking the optimum time to shoot (and back-scheduling as necessary to account for your travel time and set up).  We were planning on shooting when the sun was lower in the sky to enhance colors and provide good shadow relief for maximum scene “depth.”  Bringing additional lighting helps make the subject “stand out” from the rest of the scene.

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So onward we soldiered into the wilderness, following my GPS’d smartphone map and wandering like ants in the generally correct direction with a lot of side diversions to inspect nearby formations.  In one of those diversions we got this quite pretty shot with an obliging family of hoodoo admirers.

Image representing woman at Bisti holding blowing fabric

Thank you Hoodoo Family for posing with my client!

We finally arrive at the cracked egg field and stand in awe of the weird beauty of the landscape.  We survey the environment, scout for the prettiest eggs, and oh did we find the prettiest eggs.  I felt like an excited child at their first Easter egg hunt.

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The king pin shot was going to be what I call the Oyster Egg — a wonderfully wind sculpted sand blasted marvel of time and elements.  The artistry of nature is indeed unrivaled.  And after waiting for just the right moment, a family of hikers including a minor decided to gather out of nowhere to watch.  This phenomenon of limited privacy is also covered here as one of the challenges of outdoor shoots.  Waiting for them to leave made getting that shot quite a tense experience.

The sun was getting WAY low in the sky risking both the shot and the ease of our 2 mile return hike.  Finally with emotions running high and their attention diverted for a few moments we were able to sneak some shots in before packing up our gear and heading out.  By the time we got back it was an expanse of dark nothingness, arriving well past our intended time.  Fatigue, relief at finding the car in the middle of nowhere, and excitement at our artful treasure trove made for an especially enjoyable dinner in the small nearby town of Farmington.

Image representing woman at Bisti

The final Oyster image above was included in Miami’s 2017 ArtUndressed show.  As always for these types of unique shots in nature it was an exciting experience and unforgettable adventure.

And what about you?

It’s time to book your photo adventure today!

Remember, it’s not just about fantastic photos — it’s about the EXPERIENCE!

Image representing woman standing in water

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In the continuation of our tips for on location sessions (see Part 1 >>Here<<), today we describe specific shoot regions for every interest with their particular characteristics, in order of distance from Seattle, Washington.  The locations are rated “poor”, “fair”, “good”, and finally “excellent” in relevant categories.

The categories are as follows:

  • Scenery Variety: How varied the shootable “scenes” are in a given location.  More varied scenery means more variety of photos for the time, effort, and money invested.
  • Comfort:  How uncomfortable you can expect to be at the location from a physical standpoint.  Adverse circumstances such as chilly temperatures or high winds is part of the “experience” and give a fuller sense of the “modeling life” but will test your ability to “emote” for the camera!
  • Seclusion: Better seclusion means there are fewer people wandering around in the vicinity of where we’re likely to shoot and therefore fewer interruptions.
  • Duration: Referring to the duration from departure to return, from a half day to multiple days.
  • Best Time Frame: The seasons and days of the week where the best weather, the best scenery, and the smallest crowds align.

First up, West Seattle!

Location West Seattle
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Good
Seclusion Fair
Duration Half Day
Best Time Frame Weekdays in May and September
Makeup/hair Provided


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Location Monroe Waterfall
Scenery Variety Fair
Comfort Fair
Seclusion Fair
Duration Half Day
Best Timeframe September Weekdays
Makeup/hair Provided


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Location Mt Rainier
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Fair
Seclusion Poor
Duration Day trip
Best Timeframe September Weekdays
Makeup/hair Provided in Seattle


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Location Olympic Mountains
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Fair
Seclusion Varied
Duration Day Trip
Best Timeframe Weekdays in May and September
Makeup/hair N/A


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Location La Push
Scenery Variety Excellent
Comfort Fair
Seclusion Varied
Duration 2 Nights
Best Timeframe July – September Weekdays
Makeup/hair N/A


Special Notes: Despite having the sense of being a coastal city, Settle is in fact some 4+ hours from the actual Pacific Ocean coast.  La Push is geographically the closest of our remote shoot locations providing a wonderful variety of natural landscapes to shoot in for unique and powerful images.  Requires a minimum two night stay in one of the coastal cabins to get full value from this experience.  Bring along your significant other and consider it a mini-vacation with tag-along photographer!


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Location Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Poor/Very cold water
Seclusion Good
Duration 2 Nights
Best Timeframe April, October
Makeup/hair Can be purchased


Special Notes: Due to its unique features and special circumstances, Utah’s Salt Flats make a fantastic and surprisingly affordable mini-getaway session, perfect for single or couple’s boudoir.  Caution however — the standing water at the flats are BONE CHILLINGLY cold.  It is by no means a pleasant experience to wade through it at the break of dawn but as they say, modeling is pain!  And images like these are a lifelong treasure.


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Location Bisti Badlands, NM
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Fair
Seclusion Good
Duration 2 Nights
Best Timeframe September
Makeup/hair N/A


Special Notes: For the truly adventurous and artistically minded, there are the wonders of New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands.  2 miles of hiking through the desert will reveal the most amazing natural formations to shoot with.  New Mexico was the location for our uniquely rare 2012 eclipse shoot.  It is truly the Land of Enchantment.  Special blog post about shooting at Bisti here.


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Location Costa Rica
Scenery Variety Good
Comfort Good
Seclusion Fair
Duration Multiple Nights
Best Timeframe Winter Months
Makeup/hair N/A


Special Notes: Truly a tropical paradise.  Fancy the look of the Bonneville Salt Flats?  Imagine being able to shoot those kinds of images where the warm water caresses your body like a lover, where the food is natural and tasty, and the trees sing with wild macaws.  The true photo-vacation!


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As you can see from these examples some of our greatest works of art happen on location.  The experience is exhilarating, the results are magnificent and unique, and we love to do it.  Some clients have their own locations in mind and we are happy to consider them (keep these guidelines in mind).  There is no better photography company to collaborate with in bringing your vision to life!


Because of the widely diverse nature of these types of sessions, each one is customized to the client’s desires and expectations.  In general prices start at $1500 and up depending on location and provisions.  We are happy to provide a preliminary proposal for serious inquiries.


Image representing photo session at Bonneville Salt Flats





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In time for the approaching summer season, here are some of the considerations you’ll want to review for your on-location photo session!

On-location sessions can be among the most stunning and unique types of sessions you can do. And getting out of the studio can be an exhilirating and empowering experience for the right client.

So what do you need to Know?

There are a number of considerations in choosing the right outdoor location for a boudoir session.

1) Aesthetics

The location must be suitable in terms of general beauty which includes the background. In other words a spot that has beautiful trees with a chain link fence or other such distraction in the background is a non-starter.

image representing fence in forest

2) Accessibility

We must be able to reach the location in a reasonable time and in a reasonable way. Hiking ten miles on a trail with equipment will leave us all in less than optimal shooting conditions. There are some exceptions to this we’ll explain in part 2.

image representing resting photographer

3) Privacy

This criteria is at odds with requirement 2. Generally the harder a location is to get to, the more private it will be. So here is where we struggle to achieve the right balance – That of the need for privacy, the need for accessibility, and the courage of the client herself.

Image representing crowd in Seattle


It turns out there are few locations that meet all these criteria fully, but there are some that meet them well. Like most photographers, we don’t own a private hillside so perfect privacy is not quite attainable for the most part. There is always the risk of a hiker rounding a corner or beach goer stumbling onto our scene. For these situations we rely on two techniques – spotters with a robe or quick throw over dress at the ready to minimize awkwardness.  The second is what I call the “Stun Effect”.  

image representing confused monkey

Should someone catch us by surprise, it turns out that their brains have a hard time processing what they’re seeing. By the time they go on their way, thinking they should probably notify someone and the authorities arrive to inquire, we are long gone.  This is the “guerrilla” style of shooting. Plan what you’re going to do – get in quick, get your shots, get out quick.  Don’t knock it, it works!  And it provides a great background story for when you’re showing your friends that magnificent shot of you.

Other Factors

1) Time of Day

Unlike shooting in the studio’s controlled environment, shooting on location requires careful scheduling to ensure best light.  Not all light is equal — some times of day are more flattering and pretty than others.  We also have to build in travel time, set up time, makeup/hairstyle time, and pad time to account for slippage, just like a corporate project schedule.  Whether shooting at sunset, moonlight, or low tide, a specific time target is critical to a successful outdoor shoot.

image representing woman walking on water

2) Time of Year

In Washington state, there are definitely some seasonal time frames that are preferable to others.  Depending on location, these vary between spring to early fall.  More southerly latitudes extend the spring and fall time frames and may start to notch out the summer in the deep south when it simply becomes too hot to shoot in desert type areas.

image representing woman on mountain

3) Weather

Again, in Washington state, weather is always a consideration.  Ways to mitigate that is to plan an alternative backup date or dates a few days apart.  Other possibilities include picking locations that provide some form of artificial or natural cover or consider incorporating the weather into the session for an alternative and daring look.

Image representing woman with fur coat

So having said all that, what kinds of locations can we shoot?  Find out in part 2!

INFINI Boudoir Seattle


Image representing INFINI Photo Session

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INFINI Artwork Sold at Detroit Dirty Show

We’re thrilled to announce one of our artworks was hung at the Detroit Dirty Show in February and subsequently sold to a private collector there.  The piece is a celebration of both the feminine and the culinary in a bold juxtaposition.  Inspiration for such artworks usually comes spontaneously, often through visual triggers. A common phrase at these moments of inspiration is “That reminds me of []”.  The ideas are stockpiled and developed as time permits.

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The pursuit of excellence in the visual arts allows us to continue developing and expanding our understanding and exploration of feminine beauty, and by extension delivering the highest quality boudoir imagery to our clientele.  

Isn’t it time you immortalized yourself in an INFINI work?

Summer Scheduling Tip!

As we enter into the spring and summer months please note that many of our makeup artists become unavailable on Saturdays as they pick up wedding assignments. Now is a good time to start thinking about when you’d like to shoot and schedule your session with plenty of lead time especially for Saturday sessions to ensure all our resources are available for your shoot!

Image representing woman wearing blue dress

Schedule Your Session Today!

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