Is It In You?

For those with a wild streak or living an alternative lifestyle or needing high end erotic photography for personal business or pleasure, INFINI-X is for you.

What is INFINI-X?

INFINI-X is erotic, sensual, no-holds-barred, open sexuality photographed in a safe, non-judgmental, light, and fun atmosphere.  It’s what you choose when you want more than cute, coy, tease-y, suggestive, or provocative.  It’s erotic-art.  Pornography raised to a high art form.

You set the limits on what you want to shoot.  There is no judgment here, within the limits of law and safety.

Click below to see if INFINI-X photos are right for you (NSFW)

image representing woman looking at camera

How do you Schedule an INFINI-X session?

Simply indicate you want your session to be INFINI-X style.  You can even choose a mix of styles for your session, some more tame, some more erotic.

Does it cost more?

INFINI-X costs the same as our regular packages, it’s simply a stylistic direction.  There is an additional charge for couples (or groups) as we do with our regular packages.

Are my photos secure?

We take privacy and discretion seriously at INFINI Boudoir.  All images belong exclusively to the client and are treated with full discretion.